Q: How long can the products last?

A: All the products have a “use best before” date printed on the bottle to give you a peace of mind in using them.

Q: Why do Biologika shampoos lather less or form less bubbles?

A: Biologika shampoos are natural and oganic. They do not contain SLS (sodium laurylsulfate), a chemical used for lathering. SLS forms small micelles that are able to enter the skin and remove stearic acid which keeps moisture in the skin. Without the stearic acid , skin can dry out and become irritated, causing the scalp to itch.

Q: Are all Biologika products also suitable for children with sensitive skin or scalp?

A: Absolutely yes! However, please do a spot test on a sensitive area first to see if a product is suitable and does not cause any reaction.

Q: What does ACO means?

A: It means Australian Certified Organic. To be certified organic means to grow or manufacture a product free from synthetic pesticides, herbicides, hormones and antibiotics. The process must be water efficient and biodiversity friendly. Producers, processors, manufacturers and retailers of food, drink, fibre, skincare and cosmetics can be certified organic.

Q: Why choose made in Australia? 

A: Australia has a good reputation of clean, superior and nutrients rich soil for crops. Moreover, the products are strictly quality controlled by organic certification bodies such as ACO.

Q: Are your products vegan-friendly?

A: Yes! We are friends of animals.





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